In Cold Blood: What Did the Kansas Bureau of Investigations Do in Order to Solve the Clutter Murders

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In the book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, the Clutter family is murdered with apparently no motive and the killers leave almost no evidence. In order to figure out who the killers are, the KBI, or Kansas Bureau of Investigations, follows an order of operations. First, they look for physical evidence at the scene of the crime; then they talk to people who knew the Clutters and/or lived near them at the time of the murders; next, they take tips called in by various citizens; and finally, they systematically track down and interview anyone who had ever been employed by the Clutter family. By doing all these things, the KBI tracked down the killers and apprehended them in the end. First, the KBI searched for physical evidence at the crime…show more content…
They also talked to people in town who were known to have grudges against the Clutters, but all of them turned out to have alibis for the night of the murderer. The hired help and his family who lived next door reported to not have heard any gunshots, which seemed suspicious. However the KBI determined the barn would have blocked the sound of the shots, and since the family also had alibis, they were dismissed as suspects. In conjunction with these efforts, the KBI began interviewing everyone that had ever been employed by the Clutters; this was very methodical and thorough, but very slow. By using this method they hoped to find the people who committed the crime or find someone who knew who did. Even though the KBI didn’t catch the murderers using this method, the witness who eventually provided the tip that led to the murderers’ arrest was a former employee of the Cutters and was on the list of people to interview about the murder. Finally, the KBI set up a hotline for people to call with tips or information pertaining to the crime. After finding no conclusive evidence at the scene of the murders, the KBI offered a reward for any information that lead to the capture and arrest of the responsible parties. This method had some problems with it though, such as people calling in rumors that were not supported by fact, or people making things up just to get the reward money. An example of

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