In Cold Blood by Trump Capote

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Capote’s novel “In Cold Blood” not only entranced readers with its often dark and mysterious tone, stunning imagery and controversial elements but introduced its audience to an all new genre, a non-fiction novel. In 2001 Lois T. Stover commented on the complexity and depth found in quality young adult literature, she stated that “Good young adult literature deals with the themes and issues that mirror the concerns of society … it help readers understand the complexities and shades of grey involved in dealing with these issues." “In Cold Blood” is a superb example that there is nothing simple about quality young adult literature, themes and messages found in capotes crime/thriller novel did and still relate heavily to our growing society. “In Cold Blood” explores numerous social issues; including the detrimental effects of mental illness, the banality of evil and the importance of family however it’s the commentary Capote makes on the so called “American dream” that questions its authenticity, takes centre stage throughout the novel.
Based on the horrendous 1959 Clutter family murder, “In Cold Blood” exposes young adults of today to what seems like a whole new world. Capote’s novel features’ stunning imagery and immersive story telling that sends its adolescent audience back to a much a simpler time, an era far before social media, mainstream broadcasting and technology fuelled lives. This…
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