In Cold Blood, the American Dream and Loss of Innocence

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Hey, you, dearest reader, searching for an essay to write. I'd just like some love, just some respect, you know nothing big, other than a thank you, that's all. So when you finish writing, just remember thanks mysterious keyboard writer, you saved my ass. With out further a due, my essay: The American Dream In the non-fiction novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, four horrific murders shock the small, innocent town of Holcomb, Kansas, the murders all occur on one night killing an entire family. Before the killings, the town felt like a family. The citizens of Holcomb were seen as good people, innocent and free of worry. However, after the Clutter murders take place, a community that seems so tightly knit quickly dissipates. The murder…show more content…
Herb Clutter has risen from modest beginnings to becoming a ranch owner with a comfortable lifestyle. He encapsulates the concept of the self-made man, which is a central theme in the American dream.” Herb Clutter shows that the aspiration of becoming a self-made man can fall apart at any moment. The murder of the Clutter family serves as physical proof that in our society, a utopia does not exist. Every citizen in Holcomb wants success. In fact, Mr. Clutter surrounds himself with many other people who want to succeed. For instance, the Ashidas, a Japanese immigrant family, work tirelessly to gain respect from the citizens of Holcomb. Mrs. Ashida involves herself with the Four H club, Mr. Ashida aspires to own his own farm. Their children work hard in school and feel proud of their parents. The first time we see Mrs. Ashida assert her pursuit of the American Dream is when she mentions to Mr. Clutter a gift she plans to buy for her husband: two new gold fillings. Mr. Clutter and Mrs. Ashida then proceed to discuss how her family wants something better. “The farm here, the people we’re working for – Hideo thinks we could do better,” (22). Human beings never find themselves completely content. As humans we feel a notion to go gather more and more for ourselves, an intense desire for success. This desire has formed over time, becoming ingrained, when a prehistoric man needs to gather more food for his family so they

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