In Considering Russia’S Actions, Russia’S Constant Counteracts

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In considering Russia’s actions, Russia’s constant counteracts with the West, international law, international conflict it could be presumed that Russia is aligned with the realism ideologies. I believe that Putin has had a realist approach in how he has led Russia. To better argue my stance, I will use Syria and Ukraine as my focal points to better argue why Russia has had a rather realist approach in international politics. I will touch base on anarchy, self-interests and more importantly, security. Anarchy To better under how Russia has had a realist approach in the recent years, we must examine the Syrian intervention. Without getting too much into the conflict in Syria, I will explain the Syrian conflict as simple as possible; it is…show more content…
Self interest When looking at Russia’s dealings with Syria, a lot of it collides with their own self-interest while simultaneously pushing back the United States’ interests. Moreover, we have a Syrian naval base of Tartus that is a very large and major naval base. In the 1970’s, Tartus was one of the Soviet Union’s largest Mediterranean bases. In the recent years, Russia has been building up Tartus again. Essentially, the idea will be to load up Tartus with Russia’s largest nuclear-powered ships. Russia sees out the sea and air security at the naval base. Bringing it back to the civil war going on in Syria, the rebels don’t have a navy or air force; it is an educated deduction that loading up Tartus doesn’t have to much with the Syrian conflict. I would deduce that this is just a premediated move by Russia just in case other conflicts arise with outside countries. For example, the United States. The United States and Russia already were forced to ceasefire once, maybe Russia is just being cautious. I also deduce this from the fact that in provisions of the agreement, Syria can’t stop Russia if hypothetically speaking, they attack Israeli forces in the Mediterranean. However, Syria is obliged by the agreement to solve all conflicts that may occur at the Tartus base. Basically, if the United States complains about Russia’s doings on the base,

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