In Considering The Process Of Change On German Political Systems Over The Whole Period 1890 2

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In considering the process of change on German political systems over the whole period 1890-1991, how far can the Second World War be seen as the key turning point?
Germany’s systems of power and changing of governments in the period of 1890-1990 are radically diverse, suggesting a restless and problematic state. Germany has seen extreme poverty and success throughout the 20th century with undying nationalism throughout. The end of the short lived Nazi regime in 1945 brought about by Axis defeat. Much as the treaty of Versailles had inflicted years before, Germany was, once again controlled by its neighbours, another historical turning point. New era of allied control emerged splitting western and eastern political ideologies, saw the end
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The Wall Street crash of 1929 can be seen as a major tipping point within Weimar, providing a lifeline to the bankrupt Nazis of 1928. Weimar had enjoyed years of recovery and a somewhat satisfied public. The Dawes plan (1924) and young plan (1929) had been crucial in the rebuilding of a state on the verge of collapsing. During the ‘Golden years’ NSDAP support was minimal and SPD support was high, in particularly 1928 were unemployment was at a low of 650,000. This suggests the German public were satisfied with Weimar and were not interested in radicals. The 1930 Reichstag election saw the Nazis gain 143 seats, showing a significant improvement, KPD support also grew. By September of 1931 unemployment had risen to 4,350,000 as did support for the Nazis, gaining 230 seats in July 1932 election. A senior Nazi official, Gregor Strasser, claimed that what was a disaster for Weimar was "good, very good for us."3

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