In Criminal Justice, There Are Many Ethical Dilemmas At

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In criminal justice, there are many ethical dilemmas at every stage of the system, which allows people to manipulate the criminal justice to rule in individual favor, resulting to serious consequence on an individual or a time community security. These incongruous laws, policies, regulation and practices in many a time create conflicts and distortion of the foundation of justice, resulting to an ethical dilemma. The purpose of this paper is to find out the course of action to take to handle such dilemmas, what principles to serve in such situation, and what moral reasoning for taking such decisions. Parole Board and Overcrowding In the criminal justice system, some of the decisions made are morally right but at the same, they raise the…show more content…
The same challenges have led to misuse and misdirection of resources, time, and labor that leads ethical dilemma that needs critical decisions. The state prisons are overcrowded to an extent that advocates are threating to sue the state on refusal to issue paroles. They argue that the state should look for ways to broaden the parole eligibility criteria, which would, in turn, ensure that more inmates are realized on community programs. Though, there are concerns from some quarters that such action would result to tempering with standards. Besides, there is a likely hood of repeat offender cases to rise. There is also pressure on the parole board from governors to ensure that the case of overcrowding is dealt with, as the federal suits would ensure that inmates are realized under a federal process outside the parole board’s control if they are successful. (Weinstein, 2004), argues that this is a classical case of ethics vs. morals, there is no hiding the fact that the prisons are indeed overcrowded. Therefore, there is a need for an agent action to be taken to address this situation. As overcrowding possesses many challenges including health, the prisoners should be treated with dignity just like any other human beings. Another issue are, the prison officer in charge, whose duties are to monitor the progress of inmates’ behavior and recommend those that are eligible for early realize and correct those that do astray, will have a hard time doing this
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