In Defense Of Single Motherhood. Is There A Reason Traditional

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In Defense of Single Motherhood Is there a reason traditional families have lasted for thousands of years? In the argumentative essay “In Defense of Single Of Motherhood” by Katie Roiphe, the author is arguing that a single mother is a significant way to raise children. Roiphe also includes how being a traditional mother and father family is unsuccessful and frustrating. Although being a single mother may work for her, countless numbers of single mothers struggle in many different ways. These struggles affect the mother and the children as well. Being a single mother is harmful for a family because a child needs a father figure, it is too much stress on one person, and it is financially difficult to raise a family on one income. A…show more content…
They could think that their mother and father split up because of them. This is not fair to a child as it has nothing to do with them, but that stress of them thinking that could be toxic to their mental health. The mother could also displace her frustration onto her children causing some mental wounds. In today’s society, you are required to achieve a steady income to support your family. Traditionally, the father is the financial provider in the house, while the mother has a second income to give a helping hand financially. A single mother will have to get a job that can provider her many hours of work to recieve enough money for stability. Working many hours can be hard because not only do you have to complete your work for your company, you also have to complete the work that needs to be done at home as well. A single mother would have to be the single provider for herself and the children. This means she will have to find a job that is flexible with her schedule, so she can provide care for her children as needed. The author writes in her arguments “I am lucky enough to to be living in financially stable, relatively privileged circumstances” (Katie Roiphe 58). The author states she is “relatively privileged”. This means she is more than likely doing well financially, but she does recognize she could be struggling like many other single mothers. This is why it is always good to have the father around for support. A father
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