In Defense of Qualitative Research Methods

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TOPIC: Qualitative research is often said to be without structure, process and rigor. Discuss. NAME: Jepter Lorde SUBJECT: Qualitative Research Methods ABSTRACT The continued academic tension between qualitative and quantitative inquiry has continued unabated. Scholarship since the 1980s, to redefine both paradigms, attempt to bring balance and importance of the respective contribution of both research processes. This has resulted in an interesting shift for “ensuring structure, process and rigor” from the investigator’s actions during the course of the research, to the reader of the qualitative inquiry. The emphasis on Quantitative strategies implemented during the research process has been replaced by truth value, applicability,…show more content…
The analysis of data focuses on patterns of interaction seeks knowledge about a group or culture or explores the life world of individuals. The techniques applied while not statistical software driven offers an accepted structured approach in data analysis. (Naresh K Malhotra 2010) Content analysis is the major approach to analyzing qualitative data it is “a systematic research method for analyzing textual information in a standardized way that allows evaluators to make inferences about that information. (Weber, 1990) “A central idea in content analysis is that the many words of the text are classified into much fewer content categories.” (Weber 1990) the essential result is an attempt at harvesting important themes without losing the richness of meaning by way of numeric analysis. It is clear therefore that qualitative research has the means with which results can be achieved without lost to structure. PROCESS To be scientific, as mentioned earlier, is to have engaged systemic enquiry, series of stages and logical sequence, simply put a course of action or process that on completion would yield results reflecting the phenomenon observed. Quantitative research to a greater extent has occupied this position of authority not only by its use of numerical data but the ability of the research when executed, using the afore mentioned steps, should allow or permit another researcher to arrive at similar conclusions
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