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Good morning/afternoon Mr Heppell and fellow peers. Today I will conduct an in-depth analysis on the Old Spice advertisement: "Questions". According to a case study made by the organisation D&AD, the ad was first aired in June 2010 and was created by the company Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the same company that made the advertisement "The Other Side”, a very successful ad. The product being advertised in the ad is Old Spice body wash for men. The ad includes a shirtless man doing many stereotypically "manly" endeavours, such as motorbike riding and building. The advertisement will now be played.

Let’s begin by using the AIDA structure to analyse the composition of the ad. First off, the ad grabs the attention of female viewers by showing a muscular man without a shirt, asking “the ladies” rhetorical questions. It captures the attention of male viewers by using negative and critical language about how they can’t be him, but then telling them that there is a way that they can be like him. The ad maintains interest by constantly changing the background and using CGI effects to leave to viewer mystified as they try to comprehend what just happened and try to predict what will happen next.

Additionally, the ad stimulates a desire for the product in females by implanting the idea that their boyfriend or husband could be more attractive if they used Old Spice. The ad stimulates a desire for the product in males by displaying an image of masculinity & inserting the idea that Old Spice provides an avenue to that image. Female viewers are encouraged to buy the product for their husband. Male viewers are encouraged to buy the product because they want to be more masculine.

The target audience includes males and females, aged from 20 to mid-40s, either married, engaged or dating. This is made obvious by the possessive words used in the questions the “Old Spice guy” uses. For example, “Does your man look like me?” “Should your man…”

The fantasy message of the ad is shown to be: “If you use Old Spice body wash, you will be the ideal man.” This is made obvious from the words used by the main character, and by the things that he does. For example, he says, “Do you want a man who smells like he can bake you a
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