In Dubious Battle Essay

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Revolution against Persecution

Today in the United States citizens are given rights to speak freely, worship as they wish, and pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Unfortunately, most foreign nations do not grant their citizens these rights. People in foreign nations live with little protection, financial insecurity, and are governed by callous rules. Behind closed doors in private business in the United States, many workers face this tyranny as well. This relentless dictatorship causes men to live in fear for their own lives. Men struggle to abide by these strict and inhumane rulings. In most scenarios, man recognizes that there is no easy way out. Consequentially, a rebellion remains to be the only option. Since before Christ, men
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Rather than being a welcoming presence, the boss already had an aggressive attitude toward the men. One might attribute later rebellious behaviors by the workers to the malicious care the workers received. When men do not have a strong support system in times of struggle, men are compelled to rebel in hope of escaping brutality and finding comfort in their life. People facing oppression may be living without specific freedoms and liberties, forced into imprisoned life, or face another hardship. In these situations, people typically act eccentrically and make unjustified decisions. Officers confront Dakin, a leader of the strike in In Dubious Battle, during one of the movements. Dakin challenges the police, “‘He lets out a howl like a coyote and starts for ’em. They shoot him in the leg, but that don’t stop him . . . he just went nuts . . . Dakin bit a cop on the hand’” (In Dubious Battle, 145). The dreadful living conditions and state of life made Dakin, like many other men, go crazy. One misunderstanding led Dakin to a senseless decision and revolt. In another occasion, George is faced with a decision in a hostile situation. Lennie killed Curley’s wife, and Curley is now out to torture and kill Lenny. In a split second decision, George decides to kill Lennie and save Lenny from Curley’s potential harm. Carlson talks with George, “‘You killed him?’ ‘Yeah. Tha’s how.’ George’s voice was almost at a whisper. He looked steadily at his right hand that
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