In Early 2000S, Various Software Systems Development Methodologies

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In Early 2000s, various software systems development methodologies were introduced and were started getting popular. One of them was agile method. Agile is a group of the latest and popular software systems development life cycle methodologies work in iterative way. All the requirements/needs and solutions are solved through collaboration between a development team and a business stakeholder. Agile method usually enhances an organized project management method which promotes regular assessment and revision. And the scrum is a sub group of agile. It is an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology for managing complex software and product development (“The Scrum Guide”). Scrum is not a method or a skill for…show more content…
What Is Scrum?").
3. Burn down charts:
This charts helps in analyzing the remaining works in the sprint, and ultimately forecasts a work which need be done in a time. It also shows if the work will be done in time or not("What Is Agile? What Is Scrum?").
4. Sprint It is a 30-day focused effort moving the team toward fixed goals. Scrum is a normal set of rules, duties and meeting that is constant all the time. Scrum achieves the success by unlocking unpredictability, and it has slightly different components than the waterfall project. To make the scrum successful, these three essential components play vital role. They are as follows:
• The product owner
The product owner is a person with clear vision and leadership quality. He should be the winner of the product. He is the champion of the business and marketing perquisites. To become an effective product owner, he should understand the product backlog. He ought to co-ordinate with the business and the scrum team, and should make clear to everyone about the work items in the product backlog. In addition, he should handle how to deliver, when to deliver and what to deliver. Also, product owner ought to be independent of the team ("What Is Agile Project Management?") • The scrum master
The scrum master is a connecting link between the product owner and the team. He does not manage the scrum team; however, he works to
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