In Every Culture, Values Norms And Lifestyles Differentiate.

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In every culture, values norms and lifestyles differentiate. However, there’s one aspect of every society that does not differ greatly, the importance of family. Early and GlenMaye (2000) described families as the primary social service agency in meeting the social, educational, and health care needs of members. The role of family is significant because it is the primary foundation and structure of society itself. Also, a family is the most important social group to which a person could belong to. It is through the family system that we learn social and moral etiquette which provide us with a reference point during our interaction with society.
Our family values are a reflection of who we are, and they influence every decision we
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As children, my siblings and I were not encouraged to express our dissatisfaction candidly especially to our parents. Therefore, these feelings were internalized. As a result of not being able to express our feelings or thoughts, it has made it difficult to have a secure attachment to our parents. This would explain why I am an introvert and why I struggle to express my emotions. I am however a good listener very detailed oriented.
My family is very secretive, especially when it comes to discussing topics that are considered to be taboo such as mental health. In our culture (Caribbean) mental health is associated with stigma, therefore, it is not embraced. My sister had her first onset of a mental health episode in her early twenties. It took everyone by surprise because there is no known history of mental illness in the family. She gradually deteriorated, and no one knew what was happening. She had adverse effects to the medications and received several diagnoses. My father eventually disclosed to us that his father had a history of mental illness and committed suicide after killing a woman whom he was having an affair with. I guess he did not make the connection that mental illness could be biological
Moreover, another area that is apparent in my genogram is my father has never been faithful to any of partners. He was in a relationship with my mother and stepmother simultaneously. He ultimately married my stepmother but
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