In Fact, In 1997, When Each Industry, Including Automobile

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In fact, in 1997, when each industry, including automobile industry registered negligible growth, two wheeler industry registered 3% growth, quiet an impressive one, mainly due to the growth in rural demand. Market leader like TVS Suzuki, identify the reason to be good monsoon resulting in good agriculture production, support price policy in agriculture. Agriculturists are further supported but heavily governmental subsidies especially in fertilizer and power. Future of two wheelers seems quite promising, as long as middle class group is growing. But the industry should be careful of strict environmental policies adopted by the government. India has taken the lead in enforcing strict emission norms for two wheelers by the year 2000. Not…show more content…
There have been many complaints on company surveys about him from the department. Employee have commented that Sanjeev Rathore is “rude” during meetings and doesn’t let others to speak or contribute. There are times when he has criticized people in meetings. He also talks about his staff “critically” or “negatively” to other managers. But Sanjeev Rathore also is a brilliantly talented person who contributes a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the company. He is dedicatedly working for the company and lets people know this by his arrives 7:00 a.m. each day and leaves office at 7:30 p.m. He has been with the company since 35 years and he reports directly to the Vice President. Sanjeev Rathore has gone to the HR department and complained that the people his supervisors hire are not a good fit for the company. The recruits don’t listen and they have a poor work ethic. Sanjeev Rathore feels that HR should do a better job screening people. 1) What suggestions do you have for the Vice president on how to coach Sanjeev Rathore and develop a personal improvement plan? 2) What areas would you suggest be first on Sanjeev Rathore’s improvement plan? 3) What kind of timetable would you prepare? What may be the consequences? How should Sanjeev Rathore be counselled? Is it worth to put effort, since he is going retiring soon? Case: 3 A unique Training Program at Lotus Sakshi Tyagi, a Lotus parcel Manager in

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