In Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse Is One Of The Main Characters

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In Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse is one of the main characters throughout the book. Although Mildred and Captain Beatty influenced Montag, Clarisse impacted him the most. In this book, Ray Bradbury kills off one of the most influential characters. Even though she is “dead”, Bradbury somehow made her a symbol. We don’t know why Bradbury killed off this important character, but it left readers wondering. She had some type of influence on Montag that made him think about things. She was interested in learning and asking questions. I believe that Clarisse has impacted Montag because she taught him that thinking was an option. One reason for this to be true is that she is very curious. She is curious about the world and people around her. This …show more content…

It was everyone else, and me. She was the first person in a good many years I’ve really liked. She was the first person I can remember who looked straight at me as if I counted. (68.)” I think that this quote means that Montag and Mildred don’t have a lot in common and he liked Clarisse better. I also think that it showed that Clarisse is different from others. Through Clarisse, Montag has learned things about himself that he didn’t know. The third reason was that Clarisse loved to ask questions. Usually, when something happens, we usually ask “how did it happen?” This is switched around for Clarisse. Clarisse wanted to know “why something had happened.” Montag tells Clarisse, “No, no, ” he said. “It was a good question. It’s been a long time since anyone cared enough to ask. A good question (26.)” I think that she asked many questions because she wasn’t allowed to ask them in school. At her school, students sat down in class and stayed silent. She stopped going to school because they weren’t supposed to talk to each other and ask questions. Basically they watched videos that taught them information. Clarisse hated school and people considered her as antisocial. Another example is that she asked Montag if he has read any of the books that he has burned. I think that Clarisse planted an idea in Montag mind that made him wonder about what was really inside of books. Because of this, he steals a book from the old woman’s house and

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