In Favor of Gun Ownership in the US

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The ownership of a firearm should not be illegal when most gun owners are law-abiding citizens who use guns in a responsible manner. Our country’s founding fathers ratified the second amendment as a part of our Constitution in order to protect citizen’s right to bear arms and to be prepared for foreign invasion. However, currently the views on gun ownership are beginning to differ even more in urban and rural communities across America because of how each society is individually affected by the use of firearms. Many Americans who rely on concealed weapons are women and even families while some Americans are not yet permitted to keep a firearm like school staff and store owners. Also many sheriffs across the United States oppose gun…show more content…
The Legal Action Project determined that the main purpose of writing the Second Amendment was to make sure that the federal government would not be able to disarm the militia. Also during the late eighteenth century colonists and even the Founding Fathers wanted reassurance that in case of a ‘standing army’ there would be a militia ready for a counterattack. The author, James Madison, obviously guarantees that the right to bear arms is a collective right of all the people not just the government’s army (Dolan Jr. 71). However many argue that the second amendment only refers to our country’s organized army, not the whole population. Their reason for this is that no country should put their lives in the hands of mere civilians. Alexander Hamilton specifies that there are actually two militias; the first is organized, while the second consists of the rest of the people (Dolan Jr. 47). There is no surprise when people hear about how the gun control is openly despised in rural communities. Areas centered on agriculture and or ‘the great outdoors’ are focal points of recreational firearms use, whether it is for hunting or just target practice. Often children are taught in these areas how to load, shoot, and handle guns at very young ages which earns them a sense of

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