In Figure 3.6, “A Society Of Patriotic Ladies” (1774),

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In Figure 3.6, “A Society of Patriotic Ladies” (1774), we can understand how women were viewed during the revolution. There are many things taking place in picture such as a child not being taken care of, a woman being stared at by a man, an African American servant in the back, and some unappealing women. This imagine is very bold, and blatantly shows that women didn’t have a right in government. The center of the portrait is a female being pursued by a man, which shows that females will always be an object to men. In addition, by having a child on the floor unattended, it implies that the job of the women is to take care of the children. Also, if they stray from it then “their duties” as females will be left incomplete.
In Figure 3.7,
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She is shown as a goddess with a Bald Eagle which clearly represents the United States of America. This image also implies the fall of the British. In addition, it shows the goddess as youthful. I believe this shows the Americans as youthful and a country that is just being established.
In Figure 3.10, “Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences” (1792), there are depictions of African Americans. This image shows lady liberty giving books to African Americans who seem to be looking up at her. There is chaos shown in this image and I believe that it depicts how African Americans feel during the Revolution. “Lady Liberty” is sharing different books with African Americans who are both male and female. I think that librarians that were involved with the creation of this image were trying to suggest that African Americans should be given an education also.
Benjamin Rush and Judith Sargent Murray were ahead of their times when suggesting that woman should be education. Although Benjamin rush was more modern, his reason to have women be educated was, “may assist her husband with this knowledge” (147). I believe that Rush’s reason that women should be educated so that they may aid their husband is ridiculous. The reason he believes in education for women is not to have women stand on their own feet, but to benefit and look after men in another way. He believes in the teaching of geography, and English. But not things
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