In Franz Kafka’S “The Metamorphosis” Gregor Samsa Dreads

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In Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” Gregor Samsa dreads his daily grinding of working as a traveling salesman in order to provide for his family. Gregor endures the burden of carrying the financial responsibility of taking care of his family. While his family enjoys the fruit of his labors and live comfortably because of him. Gregor is not allowed to live for himself, this suppresses him into a shell. The family’s lack of appreciation for Gregor leads to his physical change which is his first metamorphosis. This first metamorphosis results in Gregor transforming into a hideous insect. One morning Gregor awakes late for work in his new body. Instead of being concerned about his appearance Gregor is more worried about getting to work as…show more content…
As it becomes apparent to the family that Gregor’s new physical appearance is permanent they decide to no longer acknowledge him as part of the family. Since Gregor is no longer providing for them and without Gregor being able to communicate with his family due to his transformation he becomes useless to them. This declaration coming from the sister Grete who is the youngest Samsa and who had the closest relationship with Gregor prior to his transformation. As the family now lives the life Gregor once had to live as a middle-class worker they feel warranted to have peace at home and do not see it being possible with Gregor still living with them. Gregor’s family alienation towards makes him feel non-human, this causes his metamorphosis, which leads to his demise. With his new insect body Gregor becomes more alienated from his family then he did before his transformation. Before Gregor’s alienation came from his family’s lack to show their appreciation for him. Now he feels alienated from the family’s inability to acknowledge him. As his family gradually becomes weary of Gregor’s presence, his social separation from his family becomes permanent through his death. Although once upon a time Gregor had been the one to support the entire family as a traveling salesman in his new body he is no longer able to work to continue to support his family. In due time as the family begin to start working to support themselves
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