In General, The Word Miseducation Means To Educate Improperly.

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In general, the word miseducation means to educate improperly. There are likely several ways I have been miseducated, some of which I may not even be aware of yet. I have long understood that education can happen outside a classroom. In fact many valuable life lessons were learned just going about day to day activities. Some of the best learnings have come from raising a child, experiencing and enduring tragedy and of course family has provided positive and negative lessons. When I think about miseducation I instantly go to my experiences within the education system. It is ironic to think that the education system may have educated me improperly. I have two university experiences, one past and one present, that provide clarification.

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Not exactly the professional I had aimed to become. I worked a position that did not require a degree. I was fortunate on my second application and did go onto become a Registered Dietitian. Those that were unsuccessful at securing an internship never became Dietitians. Some went back to university and some to general jobs in society. This program has since been significantly revised. Today, the internship is integrated into the program. If you are accepted into the program you will still graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and immediately be eligible to register as a Dietitian. No one is miseducated of the outcome when applying to the program today.

My second university experience is occurring at present. I have enrolled in the twelve month Bachelor of Education program to become an elementary teacher. I hope to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts much to my family’s surprise. From day one we have been educated on the pitfalls of the current education system. We have been guided to examine the system, the purpose of school and the hidden curriculum with a critical eye. We have been encouraged to promote democratic and enacted learning, to take brain breaks and we have been taught that the brain is incapable of learning when it is in a stressed state. We have seen wonderful examples of teachers modeling enacted learning and by no means do I mean my comments to be disrespectful of any instructor.
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