In Her Short Story, Revelation, The Late Flannery O’Connor

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In her short story, Revelation, the late Flannery O’Connor utilized the story’s characters to illustrate the express her disapproval of the hypocritical beliefs of many southerners during her time. One could also argue that the short story is historical because it focuses on a specific social issue at a specific point in time. However, O’Connor is accomplishing much more than just discussing the issues that were taking place during that time. She is utilizing her characters to express her views on the people of that time specifically people like the main character, Mrs. Turpin. Mary Flannery O’Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia in 1925. She dropped her first name once she began writing, and she became known as Flannery. When O’Connor…show more content…
Revelation reveals O’Connor’s disapproval of the beliefs and behaviors of the white people she may have interacted with on a regular basis as a southerner. As soon as the story begins, O’Connor introduces readers to the main character, Mrs. Ruby Turpin. She presents Mrs. Turpin’s racist and classist beliefs with no censor. Mrs. Turpin visiting the doctor with her husband because he has an ulcer on his leg. She entered the doctor’s office and immediately began mentally separating the patients in a classist manner. There was one lady at the doctor who Mrs. Turpin described as pleasant because she was well-dressed. The pleasant lady had a college-aged daughter with her who readers later discover is named Mary Grace. Mrs. Turpin described Mary Grace as fat and ugly. There was also a family that consisted of a mother, a grandmother, and a little boy. Mrs. Turpin described the family as white-trash. Mrs. Turpin was so fixated on classism that she sometimes ranked people when she could not go to sleep. On the bottom of the list, she placed white-trash and most colored people. Above them were homeowners. Above homeowners were those who owned land and homes which is the class to which she and her husband belonged. Above them were people with lots of money, a big home, and plenty of land. It was difficult for
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