In High School, Teachers Handed Out Essays As If They Were

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In high school, teachers handed out essays as if they were candy. Throughout my high school career, I wrote roughly fifty essays; none of which were of the quality I would want for my college writings. My Literature teachers throughout high school did not have high expectations or requirements for essays. This laid-back attitude led me to believe that writing was easy and that I was a successful writer. I believed that all you had to do was throw information together in MLA format and it would produce a quality essay, deserving of the highest grade. Of my fifty compositions, I only remember one in detail: my senior project essay, which involved the most effort of any writing project in high school. It was a massive task that amounted to…show more content…
The final essay’s topic had to be about a specific duty or job within the future career path I had chosen. Since the career I selected was a surgeon, I wrote my final essay on a surgical procedure; the surgical correction of the Coarctation of the Aorta, which is the narrowing of the upper thoracic aorta. The final composition was strictly facts and statistics. Therefore not much skill was required to produce this essay. The completed five-page essay was the largest piece I had written in my high school career.
During the writing process of possibly the most significant piece I had ever written, I was not stressed nor nervous about the possible grade. Throughout high school, my teachers were very forgiving of mistakes in my writing. The content was never an issue when it came to grading. For example, I could write a piece that was not clear or concise in its purpose but was formatted correctly, and I would receive a good grade. During the process, with my teachers grading style in mind, I was not worried about my standing in the class. Even though my teachers were not concerned about content, I always strived to have a near perfect essay. At the end of my high school career, I had maintained a 100 average in my Literature classes because I worked towards improvement and strove for success.
Throughout high school, I had written nearly fifty essays, but my senior project essay was my favorite. Of the fifty essays I had to write, not
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