In Hiroshima, John Hersey Focuses On The Survivors Of The

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In Hiroshima, John Hersey focuses on the survivors of the atomic bomb that is dropped on the city of Hiroshima at the end of World War II. Instead of focusing on one individual, Hersey decides to report on six that survive the blast. The survivors came from many different walks of life and were all affected by the coming of the nuclear age. Mrs. Hatsayo Nakamura was a widow raising three young children. Dr. Terufumi Sasaki was a young surgeon unhurt during the explosion, leaving him to care for thousands of Hiroshima’s wounded. Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge was a German priest that comforts many of the wounded and dying. Toshiko Sasaki was a young woman working in a factory to make ends meet for her family and her parents. Dr.…show more content…
The bomb caused many slow-moving fires throughout the city, some of which soon encroached upon the park. The fire pushed the wounded toward the riverbank, which became overcrowded, causing many of those that could be saved to drown. This was only one example of what was seen that day by the survivors. Eventually, Miss Sasaki was rescued from the factory in which she became trapped, but was then left under a makeshift shack for days on end before being rescued again. With a broken and gangrenous leg, Sasaki survives after finally being taken to a hospital. Whatever the survivors of the bombing of the city of Hiroshima experienced, the thing they share is survival. The six survivors all were changed in some way after the bombing of Hiroshima. At the end of his book, Hersey adds a chapter that details what happened to each survivor in the months and years after the day the bomb was dropped. Mrs. Nakamura ends up suffering from radiation poisoning after the fact, but ends up eventually getting a decent job and lives well off. Mrs. Nakamura epitomizes the Japanese idea of “Shikata ga nai”, which translates roughly into English as “It can’t be helped”. She does not display much emotion during the events because there’s nothing she can do to affect what is happening to her. Dr. Sasaki ends up leaving the hospital he had worked at during the time before the bomb was dropped. This could be because of the amount of suffering he saw

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