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In his book titled Zen’s Mind, Beginner’s Mind Shunryu Suzuki is expressing the difference between a small mind and a big mind. Many people would view this as an extremely discernible distinction. However, Suzuki presents this idea in a way that makes it difficult to comprehend at first. Suzuki starts by conveying that the two types of minds are nearly identical. However, the two types of minds branch off at a certain key aspect. This aspect is their attitude for learning. Small mind will encounter a new piece of information, and basically choose to disregard this knowledge. Unfortunately, this type of mind will miss out on opportunities for personal advancement and also harm society. Society always is desperate for people to bring…show more content…
A person with a big mind uses mind waves to amplify their mind, and experience “greater” things from everything that exists in nature. Another difference between a small mind person and a big mind person that Suzuki discuss is the person’s motivation to undertake a task and finish it. A person with a small mind will undertake a task for personal reward. If they don’t achieve this personal notoriety, they will not feel complete and might lose motivation to finish the task completely. However, since their motivation comes from this, they may not be fully committed to what they are doing. As a result, society may pay a price for this person’s actions. A big mind person has a pure mind, so they don’t attempt or undertake tasks because they desire achievement or have an end destination or goal. Instead they complete the task for the advancement of society and for a “greater good.” A third difference that exists between a person with big mind compared to a person with small mind is the way that they deal with emotions. A big mind always has a sense of imperturbable composure according to Suzuki. This type of composure features the ability to accept things in nature for the way that they are. Big mind doesn’t fear anything that a small mind would view as negative such as death, losing their knowledge they have gained, sickness, or suffering. In reality, a big mind would find ways to achieve joy through these. A major

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