In His Capacity As An Executive At The Firm, Mr. Harvey

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In his capacity as an executive at the firm, Mr. Harvey has also led the development and implementation of a successful DBE Contracting, Employment and Community Outreach Program, which acclaimed partnerships with businesses and community organizations to achieve contracting and hiring goals set forth by the Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA). He has also been intimately involved with the creation and management of DC Water and Sewer Authority’s Employment Program, which entails the establishment of four (4) Job Centers focused on local hiring. Further, he has led LSC’s participation in the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) On-the-Job (OJT) training program to hire, train and mentor numerous LSC employees as well as…show more content…
Such engagement immersed Mr. Hunt in veteran’s initiatives in alignment with the provisions of 38 U.S.C. 4215, which provides priority of service to veterans and eligible spouses in all Department of Labor-funded job 5 training programs. As Director of the National Center of Excellence, Mr. Hunt headed the team that designed, launched and administered a nationwide web-based training program used by the disabled to improve their skills in service related professions (e.g. customer service). This experience has not only driven a passion for workforce development and innovation, but also a desire to train the countless underserved populations such as the disabled. His compliance and employment expertise, which has evolved for more than three decades, truly makes him an invaluable component in the creation, strategizing, and management of workforce development initiatives, job centers and training particularly as they pertain to providing opportunities for veterans, socioeconomically disadvantaged and disabled populations. Kiyon T. Harley – Major Projects Chief Compliance Officer Kiyon T. Harley has served as a Project Manager in the area of contracting and employment development and assists LSC with compliance and minority program and employment goal development. He is currently engaged in contract compliance and workforce development oversight as LSC’s Chief Compliance Officer on the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority’s (DC Water) $8 billion
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