In-House Learning Methods Analysis

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These educational methods are more flexible on their content which make their creation and adaptation easier. (Noe, Tews, & Marand, 2013). Some issues and deficiencies existent within the team groups can be addressed through in-house training sessions like:

This program is designed for all the Team Leaders both recently enrolled and other who have been supervisors before. The purpose of the program is to sensitize them towards team work and the importance of sharing information and maintaining and open communication with other leaders to get feedback and enrich other teams. The course is based on the supposition that all leaders are new to their positions and will give them
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Based on this theory, the activity will be more experiential than technical.
Experiential learning provides an opportunity to create spaces for building meaningful learning from self-exploration and experimentation (Jain, 2013). The purpose of this activity is to equip the leaders with skills such as team work, dealing with failure and overcoming adversity.
The SEARCH OF TREASURE is an activity that will lead the members to work together to achieve progress in their mission (Purpose of the activity). The activity has a high component of active communication and cooperation between the participants. The team leaders will sharp their capacity to solve problems, develop a mentality without self-limitation, have self-confidence, improve communication with others, and adapt to change, develop the spirit of self-improvement and make decisions more effectively.

Staff requirements: External provider

Validation of learning
Every participant will conclude according to their experience the contribution of this activity to his learning.

This online tool will help leaders to understand the problem of bulling and sexual harassment at the workplace. Providing them with the tools and strategies to identify it, denunciate it and take action on time.

The course will benefit the organisations because this kind of incidents
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