In James Loewen’S Book, Lies My Teacher Told Me, He Talks

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In James Loewen’s book, Lies My Teacher Told Me, he talks about misconceptions in America school textbooks. Are these actually misconceptions though? What is the author saying about American history when details or whole event are untold? Lowen delves into these deep topics head on and gives examples as he goes. This book is not only intended for those who have read an American history book, but for those who have never heard the truth. Lowen wrote this book in order to uncover and educate; furthermore, this is important because events never told are now brought to light. Using detailed information concerning racism, governmental over watch, and the Vietnam War the author argues that the American history textbook has covered up things in …show more content…

The American school systems has always made it seem as if slavery was widely frowned upon, but that was not the case. Northerners felt that, “… black people were so hopelessly inferior that slavery was a proper form of education for them…” (Lowen 144). Huge shocker here, like we understood that the north was jealous of the southern economy, but never thought they would agree with slavery. Lowen uncovers what the textbooks missed, which makes the American society look as if we are just terrible people. Growing up, the American population has always heard the phrase “big brother is watching” but did we know to what extent they involved themselves and their attempts to hide things? The government is always trying to make America seem as if we are just this great place that cares about everyone; furthermore, this has been called the “good guy interpretation”. In recent textbooks, it is claimed that the United States is the most generous nation and that we provide aid to anyone who needs it, unfortunately this is false. There are other eastern countries that donate much larger amounts to foreign aid. Why would these textbooks make a false claim? This is the U.S. trying to be something it’s not in order to draw appeal to the United States. The textbooks have given light to some sensitive subjects such as plots to assassinate other world leaders, but these textbooks still find every motive affable and fine. Has

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