In James Rachels’ Book, The Element Of Moral Philosophy,

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In James Rachels’ book, the Element of Moral Philosophy, he made interesting point in the fourth chapter. He points out the similarities and differences between morality and religion. Mostly, when thought about morals, religion is mention. Religion is almost all about morals. Directing what is wrong and right. Divine Command Theory is morality relationship between God (gods) and the people. God (gods) orders the meaning of good and the bad. People need to follow the rules to receive blessings from their creator. The Theory of Natural Law, everything has it purpose. If it is against nature, then it is wrong. Moral standards in religion are backed with scriptures and church tradition. But, there is some flaws in the reasons why religion…show more content…
After reading the fourth chapter, I questioned a lot about the text. What is the current percentage of people in America that still believe in God? Do we need to follow the Old or New Testament as Christian believers? Do we still follow the law of separation of church and state as a country? God is the one who created everything, nothing existed. So, isn’t God the one who makes the moral standards. He is the one who declares what’s wrong from right. Isn’t being a good citizen often to be a good religious believer. Presidents from the past and present used religious belief to win voters. Isn’t this a violation towards separation of church and state? I found this three quotes from this chapter fascinating. “The Good consists in always doing what God wills at any particular moment.” (Brunner 1947) Following the Divine Command Theory, religious believers need to follow the commands no matter what. Doesn’t matter if it’s too extreme. There is no reason for any explanation. “The Greeks believed that everything in nature has a purpose.” (Rachels & Rachels 2015 Pg. 55) The Theory of Natural Law included a more scientific matter, excluding any religious belief. I also believe everything works together to survive together. When things don’t follow its natural path, it doesn’t function. Americas order and view were influence by the Greeks. “do not assume that Christianity or any other theological system is false; they
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