In Judy Brady’S Article “I Want A Wife”, She Uses Repetition

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In Judy Brady’s article “I Want A Wife”, she uses repetition greatly in her essay to make her point, why wouldn’t anyone want a wife. Judy Brady was born in 1937 in San Francisco and got a B.A at the University of Iowa in 1962. Brady’s article first appeared in the feminist magazine Ms., which was in Arlington County, Virginia in 1972. The author’s main idea was to show the amount of work that a wife is expected to do. She does this by strategically listing out what she looks for in a wife. She constantly says, “I want a wife”, to signify that she wants someone to do these things for her as she has done for her husband. In today’s society, the wife is seen as the caretaker and doer of all businesses, while still catering to a…show more content…
Another disagreement I have with Brady is that she makes it seem as if the duties she is listing out wife duties, she does not support her statements at all which make it seem as if only she encountered these events such as when she says, “I want a wife who will listen to me when I feel the need to explain a rather difficult point I have come across in my course studies...I want a wife who will type my papers for me when I have written them.”. This makes it seem as if most, even all husbands will go back to school and have their wives do their class work for them when it may have just for Brady. The truth of the matter is, she is ironically protesting the endless work and every imaginable deed for her husband and kids. I believe the wife does indeed have many duties that the husband does not worry about. The way she uses repetition of the phrase, “I want a wife.” (Brady 108-110) is clever because it gives the reader a sense of a prolonging event similar to the endless amount of work a wife must do. Brady also includes many examples of what a wife does for her husband and by this listing and repetition, she does a good job at making the reader feel the feeling of drag when reading to make the duties seem endless. Wives are left with the other services that must be done while the husband is out working. If both of them, the husband and wife, work then an agreement must be created in order for them to work equally and not leave all of the

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