In Literature, There Are Genres. Two Main Genres Are Fiction

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In literature, there are genres. Two main genres are fiction and nonfiction. Fiction is a work of art that is not real or based on the facts. “‘Fiction’ refers to literature created from the imagination” (“What is the difference…?”). It can explain a story in a different point of view, maybe in a way that is out of the norm. Fiction is basically just nonfiction in an exaggerated way. Though fiction may not be based on the facts, it can still resemblance a sense of real life events. “Fiction may base on stories on actual historical events. Although fictitious characters are presented in a fictitious setting in stories and novels, yet they may have some resemblance with real life events and characters” (“Fiction”). Literature is meant to…show more content…
“A Rose for Emily” portrays fiction well. The definition of fiction that fits with this story is it resembles reality and it portrays the reality, just in an exaggerated way. Life carries great amounts of suspense and terror. If the story was simply about the suspense and terror exactly like life is, it would be a nonfiction story, but it is not portrayed in exact details. The details that are given throughout the story are exaggerated. The exaggeration is one factor that makes the “A Rose for Emily” fiction. The amount of details given and how vivid the details are could make it seem like it was real, too, but it is not. Some of the details in the story are imaginative to real life, which makes the story fiction. Life has many plot twists, as “A Rose for Emily” does too, but in life, they are real. In “A Rose for Emily,” the plot twists are crazy and, yes, they could resemblance life and its plot twists, but they are still imaginative and are considered not real. The characters are not real in “A Rose for Emily,” nor is the setting and plot. The setting and the characters are not real people. They are just there to make the story a story. If the story is not based on true people and events, it is fictional. “Even before we see the forty-year-old corpse of Homer Barron rotting into the bed, the creepy house,
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