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“In Love and War” Abstract: Women of Afghanistan are forced to live under oppressive regulations set forth for them by the men of their societies. Women have virtually no rights to do anything for themselves. There entire lives are controlled by and lived for someone else. Through their songs, they lament the conditions of their lives and are able to convey a beauty in their verses that all people can identity with. (67 words) Key Words: Pashtun, women, honor, oppression, songs Love and war, two concepts that are so contradictory it is hard to believe they could ever coexist simultaneously in one society. War is a state of conflict, hostility and chaos which reeks havoc on civilizations as opposing forces struggle to defend their cause…show more content…
The PDPA advocated for women’s rights and equality, while traditionalists from tribal communities were opposed to this equality as they viewed it as a threat to the current power structures, as well as a danger to their economic well being. The problem of the weak central state served to exacerbate this problem due to its inability to effectively employ these modernizing programs and goals (213). The question of women became an issue of central concern among the opposing sides. For the Afghan modernizers the women’s liberation and equality became an integral political and cultural goal of the regime. While for traditionalists keeping the women in their current subordinate status was a vital element of their identity and social structure (214). Women are subjected to extremely hard physical labor. They are responsible for performing the most daunting, and exhaustive domestic work, without any compensation. Her labor power and the products of that labor are controlled totally by men (215). She is also subject to arranged marriage where she is treated like the property of her father as he sells her off for a bride price provided to compensate him for the loss of his daughter’s labor, rather than provide social insurance for the girl incase of divorce or widowhood as is custom in many other Muslim

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