In Love with and Dependent on Technology Essay examples

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In Love with Technology

When taking a closer look at really how dependent we, as a general society, are so in love with our technology and in reality how scary it is how much we use this tool to run almost every aspect of our lives. I feel that I could not go out anywhere, even right now, not find some direct correlation of technology influencing my path from A to B. In no sense am I a extremist believing that technology is the devil and will ultimately lead us to our downfall, but I can open my eyes every once and a while and truly see how much of our world is governed by these “great” innovations. I know that it may sound a little hypocritical, I am writing this paper on my new laptop, in a wireless room, and when finished will send
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It really seems that this is the mind set of everyone who has ever owned some piece of technology that has truly enhanced their life. This to me is sad that someone can let something so small and so not worth it, in the grand picture, control how they live out their existence they call life. I know that it is harsh, but it is clear to me that if we do noting to divert from the part we are currently on then will have to face that day where there are no more innovations, no more super super super computers to rely on, and no more life as we once new it. I think that, not want that, but believe that it will take some huge meltdown of the system to truly show how we are being controlled by something that we created. There inevitably will be some glitch or some malfunction in some piece of hardware that will show us how reliant we are and how wrong we were in putting a machine before human interest.

In my own life I have seen technology grow at a pace that is unmatched by anything else in history. We have let this great thing influence everything from national security to human conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the most of the innovations are for the better and will, in the long run, strive to better our society. But, what I am hesitant about is that will there be a point where someone will say enough is enough. Will future generations be able to make that distinction and drawn the line of no more. On the path we are on now, I don’t think that
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