In March 2005, Cbs News Correspondent, Brian Dakss (2005),

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In March 2005, CBS News Correspondent, Brian Dakss (2005), wrote an article which referenced the “CSI effect” after he reported, “It seems the popular CBS TV show on crime scene investigators is having an effect on real-life jurors. They want a clear trail of evidence, or they won 't vote guilty." The Early Show, national correspondent Hattie Kauffman stated, “More than 60 million people watch the CSI shows every week, which means a lot of potential jurors now have high expectations of forensic evidence. The CSI Effect is felt in courtrooms from coast to coast” (Dakss, 2005)
Dakass referenced the trial of Robert Blake who was on trial for the murder of his wife which received national attention. After the trial had concluded, the jury
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Almost half the jurors expect to see some scientific evidence is astonishing. Breaking the survey down, by the type of crime, and the kind of evidence jurors wait to see is extraordinary. In murder cases over 70 percent of jurors expect some scientific evidence; whereas, in rape cases over 70 percent of the jurors expect some scientific evidence and DNA (Shelton, 2008). In burglary cases, over 70 percent of jurors wait for fingerprint evidence, cases involving firearms over 75 percent of jurors expect ballistics and over 65 percent of jurors wait to see fingerprint evidence (Shelton, 2008). Just looking at these percentage, any prosecutor or law enforcement officer would agree these numbers show the expectations of our citizens.
Prosecutors and law enforcement officers can do some things to try to overcome these type expectations concerning physical evidence. First, I would say as a law enforcement officer they have the responsibility to ensure a crime scene is protected and processed correctly, that included burglaries. Burglaries are a common offense in my jurisdiction, according to the FBI’s UCR, in 2014, there were 976 burglaries (Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, 2017). So, if an officer is investigating a burglary, then they should utilize the correct investigative procedure during the preliminary investigation. Ensuring the crime scene is searched, the evidence is collected

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