In Memoriam, Reflections Of My Mother'S Life. . Thank You

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In memoriam, reflections of my mother 's life. Thank you all for coming today. If you open the Bible to Timothy, 3:7, you will see the following verse, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have Kept the faith." Paul was equating life to a long distance race. As his life was drawing to a conclusion, Paul knew he had finished the race. He had kept the faith. Moms casket sits before us, yet it sits before us empty. Why, because mom finished the race the morning she breathed her last breath. It was a race that lasted 83 years, and what a great race that she ran. Mom was born in 1929 into an idyllic childhood. She maintained a childlike sense of humor that endured well into adulthood. She hid a high IQ behind a…show more content…
She was the picture of courage and class. We did not have a lot of money, yet mom met our every necessity. She made life normal for us despite her silent suffering. Time and time again, she put aside her own needs so that ours could be met. She never complained or engaged in any form of self pity. Mom did the best she could to fill the role of both a mother and a father figure. I was able to compete in athletics and attend all school functions. She appeared at every one of my athletic events when she wasn 't working. We lived a happy and simple life. She always made sure that I had a dollar or two in my pocket. She made life for a young teenager a happy memory. In retrospect, I was spoiled I 'm sure. Mom had a great sense of humor. Our house was the meeting place for my high school friends. A house full of teenage boys. The conversations I 'm sure were trivial and at times off-color in tone. I found out years later that mom would listen in on our conversations from the kitchen. She said she laughed so hard that she had tears running down her face. She intuitively knew the mentality of teenage boys. She never passed judgment on any of us. For a decade moms house was transformed into maniac central. Depending on the time of year, my childhood friends and I turned the front yard into a football field, basketball court, baseball field and a motocross track. The house and yard were in various states of disarray. She was not happy about it at times, yet the grass always

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