In Most Circumstances, Substances Exist As Three States

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In most circumstances, substances exist as three states of matter which are denoted to as phases: a solid, a liquid, or a gas.1 Those phases change from one to the other through pressure and temperature. The shape and volume define each phase. A solid has uniform shape and volume, a liquid has uniform volume but diverse shape, and a gas has various shapes and volumes.1 No matter what container the gas is in, a force, referred to as pressure, is exerted by the gas on the walls of the container to evenly fill out the container. The pressure is dependent on three variables which are container’s volume, gas’s volume in the container, and gas’s temperature in the container. Those variables can be explained in the Ideal Gas Law, PV=nRT.2 This…show more content…
The change in the pressure depends on the volume and the temperature will be observed during the experiment by using a gas pressure sensor and temperature probe.

EXPERIMENTAL The first part of the lab was initiated to figure out the relationship between pressure and volume. First, materials and chemicals were prepared. The LabQuest was properly setup and ready to use to collect data. The power adapter was plugged into the left side of the LabQuest machine. In Channel 1, the gas pressure sensor was plugged in. The settings were changed to “Data Collection”, “Events with Entry” for mode, “1” for the number of columns, “Volume” for name box, and “mL" for unit box. After the LabQuest was set up the syringe used in conjunction with the gas pressure sensor was prepared. Before the syringe was connected to the sensor, the plunger within the syringe was adjusted until the tip of the inner most black ring was parallel to the 10.0 mL line. Next, the syringe was connected to the valve of the gas pressure sensor, making sure not the over-tighten the connectors. The connectors are made of plastic and can break, but making sure the connected syringes are firmly attached will avoid inexact information. When recording the volume of the syringe into the LabQuest, 0.8mL should be added the volume to make the data more precise because there was extra space in the gas pressor sensor. By selecting “Collect”, the
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