In Mrs Tilscher's Classroom a Poem by Carol Ann Duffy

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A poem that highlights the theme of childhood is “In Mrs Tilscher’s Class”. It is a thought provoking and nostalgic poem written by Carol Ann Duffy which at first glance seems straightforward by after close examination and analysis reveals to be more complex than originally anticipated. The poem is structured into four stanzas. Each represent a term in the final year of Primary school and highlights a change in mood and atmosphere in parallel with the child. The first half of the poem celebrates childhood and this idea is introduced at the beginning of stanza one where the poet immediately pulls the reader in through the 2nd person narrative of “You Can”. Carol Ann Duffy uses the word choice of “Travel up the blue Nile” to make the reader imagine an adventure. Metaphorically: this symbolises the journey of life, a current ongoing journey. The children use their imagination to create a sense of wonder. The connotation of rhythm is create the poet through “Mrs Tilscher chanted the scenery. Tana. Ethiopia. Khartoum. Aswan”. Duffy uses caesura and the verb “chanted” to create this. This way of teaching emphasizes the age of the child as lessons are fun and interactive. Ambiguity is created through the poet’s use of the metaphor “Skittle of milk”. Not only is Duffy referring to the shape and size of the bottle but also to the fun game of bowling that is played by children in the playground. It is a happy and fun memory from Primary School emphasizes the contentment of growing up

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