In My Creative Nonfiction Genre Proposal, I Stated That,

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In my creative nonfiction genre proposal, I stated that, “my [creative writing project 's] focus will be literary essays that address humanity’s universal desire for a sense of identity and belonging; these essays will be written from a personal perspective, containing anecdotes, internal conflicts, and external opinions” (1). A little over ten weeks later, I believe I have achieved this goal in my final draft because of the stylistic approaches and revisions I made with the help of the Creative Writing Seminar workshops. My final draft for the project consists of eight essays that address several personal experiences from my life. I discuss various subjects ranging from one’s origins to the meaning of I love you; while each essay differs…show more content…
In “Happy Birthday,” I took a snapshot approach, and with the critiques from Dr. Mattix and my classmates, I also incorporated present tense throughout the essay. “For Sanity’s Sake” is styled after Cynthia Orzick’s “A Drugstore in Winter;” Orzick’s essay helped me create a list-like structure that I had never written before. In “I Love You,” I followed the style of Langston Hughes’ “Bop,” by writing the majority of the essay in dialogue. The stylistic choices I made with each essay helped further the overarching theme, yet the editing process is where my essays became refined.
Revision has always been my favorite part of the writing process, yet this seminar class tested just how far I was willing to go to edit a piece of writing. Several of my essays address extremely personal matters, and these works were difficult to edit because of their sensitive subject matters. These essays tempted me to develop an unhealthy, protective attachment, which would have caused me to resist any editorial suggestions. In order to solve a majority of this problem, I strove to view my essays as imperfect art rather than a page from my personal journal. Despite this challenging revision process, I believe that my edits greatly enhanced my collection of essays by making them more potent, clearer, and more polished. Overall, I consistently worked on

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