In My Dissertation, I Decided To Adhere To The Guidelines

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In my dissertation, I decided to adhere to the guidelines presented by Twining et al. (2016) that a study must follow a qualitative or a quantitative methodology/approach, and that the two cannot be mixed. This decision will affect the way the study is designed and conducted, e.g. number of participants, research questions, etc. Picking one approach over the other, however, will not make data collection exclusive to numerical or non-numerical data. The two data collection methods, both quantitative (i.e. numerical) and qualitative (i.e. non-numerical) data can be mixed but their analysis must be made considering the overall approach of the study (Twining et al., 2016; Baškarada, 2014) “in a way that is consistent with your methodology and…show more content…
On the contrary, other studies investigating about pragmatic development while abroad or within a gaming experience (Sykes, 2012; Cornillie, Thorne & Piet, 2012) follows a qualitative approach and use mostly qualitative data collected through interviews, journal entries, and observations of in-game behaviors. For my dissertation, I decided to use a qualitative approach to describe the data collected, because it will allow me to provide a very detailed description of the experience of each participant of the study. My choice was based on multiple reasons. First, using a qualitative approach I will be able to gather constructive feedbacks from the participants, that will allow me to improve and develop further this “new” idea of teaching/practicing pragmatic and cultural aspects of a language within a Virtual Reality (VR) experience. Second, I think that following a quantitative approach would not have provided me with enough data to analyze the sample since the number of participants is very limited and the VR experience is just a proof of concept and not fully developed. However, I decided to use mixed data collection methods to have a complete description of the participants. This would not have been possible if I would have used only
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