In My Essay, I Plan To Look At The Education System In

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In my essay, I plan to look at the education system in America: the way we, as a nation, fund education, the problems associated with the way we fund education, and how this affects us as a society. I first gained interest in this topic after attending a couple of lectures in my minority groups sociology class about education in America. This topic appeals to me because it directly affects me as I am currently a student who has just graduated from a public high school, but also because this affects everyone who lives in America. Public education serves a valuable purpose. Public education is meant to allow all people to have some sort of “base level of knowledge”, meaning that everyone can read, everyone can write, everyone can do basic…show more content…
Many times, the kids who are in the most need receive the least aid. Every citizen should have the right to receive not only a decent education, but an excellent education. Students should have more motivation to go to school and learn and strive to understand more complex issues. In my experience, everyone at my high school could not wait for the bell to be dismissed. Students shouldn’t be waiting in agony for class to be dismissed so they can flee from the classroom. School shouldn’t be a place where, upon graduating, students rejoice in the comfort that they will never have to spend another minute in the classrooms of their high school. The schools of our nation should be in so successful that children cannot wait to get into the classroom and begin learning. Students should feel hungry for knowledge and be dead set on achieving academic proficiency. My first source, Children in America’s Schools, is a documentary based on the public-school system in Ohio. After watching this video as an assignment in my sociology class, I developed interested in the topic of the American public school system. The documentary focuses on a handful of public schools in the state of Ohio because the public schools in Ohio are a good representation of the public schools in American (“Children in American Schools Part 1”). The documentary demonstrates the many differences between
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