In My Original Proposal, I Focused On Addressing Global

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In my original proposal, I focused on addressing global health issues caused by climate change and environmental degradation. My focus was mainly on the developing nations. My plan to address the health problems stemming from climate change included addressing people 's immediate needs such as providing them with food, clean water, cooking stoves, and mosquito nets. Furthermore, my plan included addressing medical issues by setting up mobile clinics in remote areas, as well as educating people on how to sustain themselves without causing damage to the planet. The target population of my policy was the poorest and most underprivileged members of the developing nations. One of the weaknesses of my proposal was not specifying precisely…show more content…
Furthermore, the people mostly affected by the climate change are the ones that are most vulnerable due to their socio-economic status. As a result, the poorest and most under-privileged populations are not only most susceptible to being at risk for climate change-related diseases but they also often contribute to the environmental decline by unknowingly participating in activities that result in the destruction of the planet. Therefore, I felt that focusing on the health/environment issues would be a viable solution to address many of the global health crises. Another strength of my proposal is one of the actions that I would take to address the climate change-related issues, an education of the people affected. I believe that while fighting the effects of the climate change, it is crucial to involve and educate the local communities about the importance of maintaining a healthy environment. While it is beneficial for outside agencies to heat-related in repairing the consequences of the environmental destruction, it seems equally important to educate the locals on how to support their own communities in efforts to lead healthier and more sustainable lives. Upon taking the course, I have decided to maintain my overall global health philosophy, which pertains to the importance of addressing health issues associated with the climate change. Furthermore, I also decided to preserve my initial goal, which was focusing on the

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