In Nature Of Politics, We Have Read And Gone Over Many

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In Nature of Politics, we have read and gone over many pieces of literature ranging from Machiavelli’s The Prince, which focuses on the art of maintained and failed principalities, to the Federalist papers’ rational defense of the United States constitution and pluralistic decentralization of government to Dostoevsky’s idea of “miracle, mystery, and authority” that is framed by the Grand Inquisitor detailed, albeit somewhat twisted, thinking and so on. From these readings, one is taught to grasp these many distinct views to help form a familiar, though rapidly shifting, image of politics and therefore can easily recognize similarities between the ideologies that is provided in these texts. For example, in Dostoevsky 's writing, the Grand…show more content…
In terms of miracle and mystery, the Grand Inquisitor criticizes Christ for not erasing blind faith by casting himself down from heaven since “the angels shall hold him up lest he fall and bruise himself, and Thou [man] shalt know then whether Thou art the Son of God.” By not doing this, Christ left his listless masses susceptible to opportunistic people like the Grand Inquisitor or, like Machiavelli had mentioned, religious leaders, or, in more broad terms, leaders that claim divine rights who will, in turn, utilize the “mystery” surrounding the existence of Christ and therefore God to enslave and unify the already weak masses. Dostoevsky wrote that “the beast [man] will crawl to us and lick our feet [Grand Inquisitor’s and those of similar strand] and splatter them with tears of blood from their eyes. And we shall sit upon the beast and raise the cup, and on it will be written "mystery." [...] only then, the reign of peace and happiness will come for men. '" Meaning that they, the Grand Inquisitor and the such, will make man fearful and ‘happy,’ and will deceive them with promise of rewards of heaven if need be to ensure that they remain compliant; compliance also being a vital concept for Machiavelli. Machiavelli, in The Prince, wrote in the multiple chapters, like I previously stated, the art of maintaining principalities. In his detailings, he establishes a theme of compliancy. Compliancy being something that must

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