In Nurs 279, I Had The Privilege Of Caring For A Patient

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In NURS 279, I had the privilege of caring for a patient in his late 20’s who had newly been diagnosed with schizophreniform disorder, after having a “break down”. The main symptoms he had experienced over the few months pre-hospitalization included delusions of religious grandiosity and audio/visual hallucinations and the reason it took months before hospitalization is because he was living out of province, away from his family and mostly in social isolation, though his parents noticed a change in behaviour over the phone calls they shared. He became my patient 2 weeks after his admission, at a point where he had accepted his diagnosis and had control over his symptoms in a controlled environment, however, was med noncompliant, as he…show more content…
She told me that she and the patient’s father had been trying to convince him to take the meds, as they both believed it would be best for him, however, he was not yet convinced. She told me he had recently started doing his own research online, which seemed to be improving his outlook on therapy. I encouraged their efforts and expressed my thankfulness in his self-directed research, as I recognized this as a sign that he had entered the contemplation stage of the transtheoretical model (Hall & Edgecombe, 2014, p. 297), which showed progress. During this conversation, I noticed that the mother was showing concern towards her son, and appeared distressed by the situation. I asked her about her experience as a psychiatric nurse, and she told me that despite her decades of experience, it has been very difficult for her to watch her son struggle, as it is completely different when it is “so close to home”. While validating her challenges and offering supportive comments, I encouraged her to see her nursing knowledge and expertise as a strength to her son’s recovery, as well as her own well-being, through this difficult time. I reassured her that her grief and feelings of helplessness are

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