In Oil We Trust By Patrick Mcgrath Munaiz

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No matter what you do to try and save yourself time, we all reach death.
The painting that I decided to analyze was one of a woman with what looked to be death hovering over her shoulders. It gives the impression of sadness and darkness. The painting has small details everywhere, giving a message to those who look at it carefully. Patrick McGrath Muñíz, a student at Lone Star College-Montgomery, was the artist behind the painting.
A detail that can be seen is the skeleton with the black robe, holding and hour glass showing the sand of time almost running out. A second detail is the tarot card on the upper right corner having four cups on it. The four cups mean that there’s some type of emotional and dissatisfaction in one’s life, and can only be resolved with change (The Cups). The third detail is the cavemen, dinosaurs, and other extinct animals that no longer live on planet Earth. Fourth, is the gas container that say “In Oil We Trust” on it, relating to our oil companies. It is also what looked to be on a coffin with a volcano and a tyrannosaurus rex on it, which the woman is sitting on. And the fifth detail are all the cars in the background, who are all heading to one destination, hinting to death.
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At the bottom border, there are pipes and frackers for oil. The left and right boarder is a tree showing its roots, calendars, one like the Mayans had, and an unknown Mayan god. The top boarder has roses and in the center looks to be the Virgin Mary, who is looking over the woman in the painting. At the bottom of the painting its states “Sin Prisa Que Tarde o Temprano a Todo el Mundo Llega”, in English translating to “Don’t rush, that even late or early, everyone gets there.” This statement is talking about death, relating back to the skeleton with the black robe holding the hour
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