In Order To Be A Successful Team Leader, One Must Have

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In order to be a successful team leader, one must have the skills and ability to drive his or her team to be performing at its peak. Thus, effective team management is key to ensuring team success and maintaining a healthy, collaborative environment. Leader effectiveness is a dynamic process, where leader behaviors need to fit followers and circumstances in order to be effective (Pieterse et al, 2010).Leaders can and will influence follower behavior as Hirst states “followers will be more inclined to view them as favorable role models (2009). Coaching and inspiration are key to increasing creative potential and as such, leaders should seek development opportunities to improve these abilities. Lastly, leaders should be aware of the…show more content…
Identification of the task the purpose is the first. This can be asking simple questions such as “What could I delegate to achieve results more quickly or effectively?” or “What could I delegate to free up my time to focus on top-priority objectives?” Next it is important to figure out the key aspects of the responsibility such as scope, expectations, and outputs. Finally, and most importantly, who should be matched to this task? The person assigned should have the ability, knowledge, availability and motivation to take on the task.
It is important to help the person receiving the task to understand the important and benefits of a particular delegation. A team leader should stay involved and clarify any confusion or expectations. Working together to develop ideas will ease the transferring of the responsibility. Formal and informal coaching discussions should occur to check on progress and evaluation.
Delegation of tasks to team members is to be embraced not feared. Delegating tasks and responsibilities builds team cohesion and confidence plus it allows team members to grow into future leaders. To assist in delegating tasks, make a list of what you should be doing as the lead. Then make another list of what you are actually doing and compare the two. The tasks you are actually doing that are getting in the way of what you should be doing can be delegated. Be sure to provide clear delegation instructions and where possible have the person being delegated
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