In Order To Ensure All Research Is Meeting Ethical Standards

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In order to ensure all research is meeting ethical standards and protocol, an Internal Review Board (IRB) shall be established to monitor, review, and approve protocols for research studies. “Institutional review boards are charged with ensuring appropriate respect for research participants and ensuring that the risks participants face are justified” (Dorenberg,2016). The ethical guidelines involving human participants will follow the protocol established in the Belmont Report and comply with the Terms of Assurance for Protection of Human Subjects for Research Institutions in the United States. (Policies & Procedures, Institutional Review Board, University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH, 2017) Examples of research that need board review will…show more content…
Although there may be some invasive procedures, care will be taken to limit as many invasive procedures as possible. All personal information shall be de-identified to ensure participation privacy. Any records that contain information that may be construed as sensitive will be inside a locked a cabinet where only researchers directly involved with the study will have access. All computers will be password protected with individual sign-on names that shall be linked to each researcher. To ensure participation is voluntary, every precaution will be taken to make sure potential participants do not feel intimidated or pressured to enter into the study. If a participant appears undecided on their involvement, researchers shall not coerce them into participation in any way. All participants must have the cognitive mental abilities to make an informed choice before being admitted into a research study. Participants who lack these abilities must have a legal representative present who have a full understanding of the information in order to make an informed decision regarding the participant’s role in the study. Children entered into a study must have a legal guardian or parent present during intake questioning. Participants have the right to withdraw from this study at any point without question. To ensure participants are informed prior to consent to participate,
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