In Order to Find Out How Things Really Are, One Must Understand the Filters Through Which One Perceives the World

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In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world”. Discuss and evaluate this claim.

For the only world man can truly know is the world created for him by his senses.
-Lincoln Barnett-

The term thing can be applied to an entity, an idea, or a quality perceived, known or thought to have its own existence. Things are all the objects that our senses meet in everyday life processes, emotions, everything that can not be referred to as a living system. I see something, I feel something, I do something…we are surrounded by things. When an image of a thing reaches our perceptive senses continues its journey through many “filters” or “membranes”, where it gets its shape and
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Or, when someone’s intuition tells him that something bad is going to happen he begins to act very precautious and see a thread in everything, when in fact, reality is very different. Intuition is, also, related with emotions. Emotions can distort reality. More emotional people feel things with greater intensity. Some people cry at movies, some don’t. So is the movie sad or not?
What people believe soon becomes their reality. It is needles to mention all the different beliefs and religions who preach their own picture of how things really are. Protestants think that diseases are sent from God, and that any attempt to cure them will be punished. The Aborigines think that if you paint your own picture, your soul will get trapped in it. In the modern world diseases are being cured and pictures are being taken. Still, these people stick to their beliefs, considering them as reality.
Experience is a great factor in determining reality. When one tribe from the Amazon forest first saw a camera (or other technical object) they saw nothing, just an empty space. It was until they touched the camera that their mind started to perceive it. Strange, indeed. But this is true example of how people’s mind organizes its own reality. Their mind decided that the camera is too weird to interpret and edit it out. They had no previous experience with a camera. Maybe the best example is the movie “Vanilla sky”, where the main character lives in a dream. There are a lot
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