In Our Current Society, So Many People Struggle With Being

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In our current society, so many people struggle with being overweight or even obese. With our almost unlimited access to highly processed, high sugar content, and all-around unhealthy foods it is not surprising that we as a nation fight to eat well. As we continue to collectively gain weight, we also desperately search for a way to lose the weight; whether that be a newfangled workout regime, alternative diet plan, or even medical assistance. Many people will turn to the newest, highly rated diet to help change the way they view food and what exactly they eat. One of the biggest diet fads of late has been the paleo diet. The paleo, short hand for paleolithic, diet has taken ahold of many Americans in the last few years. I personally know…show more content…
It is common knowledge that people need to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diets and on the paleo diet 35-45% of a person’s daily calories would come from these fruits and vegetables. According to Dr. Cordain, eating this way, as well as cutting out most carbohydrates, forces the body to use the fruits and vegetables as its main source of carbs (Cordain, L.). Since the body gets most of its energy from carbs, complex carbohydrates from fruits and veggies are digested more slowly and will not cause spikes in blood sugar (Cordain, L.). In addition to getting our daily carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, this diet encourages that we get our fiber intake from non-starchy vegetables. Instead of getting fiber from refined and whole grains, the paleo diet uses vegetables as our source of healthy fiber (Cordain, L.) What Dr. Loren Cordain proposed with the paleo diet is the ability to lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes through the consumption of high protein, high fiber, and low trans-fat intake. In eating this kind of Paleolithic era diet, we are living like early humans who had virtually no risk of heart disease because of their diet. These early humans did not have access to processed foods and would not have eaten dairy products and refined grains, which is why these foods are not allowed on the paleo diet. When I began my research, I started with a vague google search on the paleo diet in hopes of finding how people have

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