In Our Society, There Has Been Several Issues But One Of

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In our society, there has been several issues but one of the main concerns is what has been going on in the African American community. Police Brutality is a major problem that many African Americans fear dealing with racial divides but some believe minorities cause higher crime rates. In the dictionary of law, Police brutality, is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. Many Americans have gone through many situations where they were excessively force by the police. But few American’s were racial profiled, discriminated, or beat brutality for no appointed reason. In the world, we used music as a way of connecting to our daily lives but over the years we have had music shown express violence…show more content…
After, police brutality incidents it was shown that most of these cases were due to racism. Black Americans, have an image that is been depicted as thugs, hoodlums, and violent. However, there have been more than just the Black race causing violence and causing crime. One of the biggest problems is Blacks being pulled over and being antagonized by police officers. African Americans are above the average rate of deaths due to police brutality which supports racism in America. In this past year, there has been shootings that occurred in Dallas and Baton Rouge that were incidents of police brutality. These types of racial deaths were probably higher researchers say but we many never know because now the technological world has brought better advancements in the world of crime. As researches have said that crime or violence in the black community is higher it is shown that it is due to social class insights. The word “sociology” stands as a disciplinary insight in which the society in which we live in contain numerous class levels that separate people by social class. The types of classes start at high class to lower class. The higher you are ranked in the class shows how much more net worth you have. The lower class has been said that majority of the African American race falls under this category. The lower class is known for having bad living conditions and police officers usually assume it’s a bad environment by
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