In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway

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In Our Time, written by Ernest Hemingway, is a collection of short stories that were published in 1925 and defined Hemingway's writing style from there on. As a symbolic image of Hemingway himself, Nick Adams is faced with troubling relationships that ultimately define who he is. Life experiences from young to old define show how Nick lives his love before, during, and after World War One. These experiences strengthen his relationships, maturity, and masculinity. One of the most important themes, masculinity, is portrayed directly at the start of Hemingway's short story collection starting with "Indian Camp." In the first short story the reader sees the novels protagonist, Nick Adams', "response to violence and suffering inflicted on others will ultimately define his own sense of masculinity" (Frazier). Witnessing this dramatic event at such a young age will define Nick's life and change the way he views certain aspects of life just from watching a woman give birth. Nick's maturity and responsibility are also themes that are greatly exploited just as well as his masculinity. The reader first learns about Nick and his relationships with his girlfriend Marjorie in the short story titled "The End of Something." The title of this section symbolically relates to what is happening because Nick and Marjorie get into an argument which seems to end their relationship. Lisa Tyler states "what Hemingway seems to be suggesting in In Our Time is that men's characters are
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