In Recent Nursing Practice, There Are Several Different

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In recent nursing practice, there are several different nursing care delivery models being used in various facilities. Some of the models include the following: "case method (total patient care); functional nursing; team nursing; primary nursing including hybrid forms; and nursing case management" (Yoder-Wise, 2015). The goal and purpose of nursing care delivery systems is to serve as a framework for assigning workload (patients) to staff (nurses). Care delivery models are pivotal in nursing practice because the model has a direct impact on the quality of care provided to patients and thus, patient outcomes. It is also important to note that there is no "correct" or superior model. Instead, the success of a care delivery model is heavily…show more content…
The authors of "Traditional Models of Care Delivery: What Have we Learned?" offer an in-depth analysis and critic of the care delivery models so as to provide further insight. The hallmark of the team nursing model is "care through others" and its goal is to improve patient satisfaction (Yoder-Wise, 2015). The structural organization of team nursing consists of several teams or groups in which each group has a team leader who is responsible for coordinating the group throughout the daily assignment. Figure 13-4 'Team nursing ' in "Leading and Managing in Nursing" illustrates the chain of command as the charge nurse RN, team leader RN, and RN, LPN/NA, respectively (Yoder-Wise, 2015, p. 237). The nurse manager, whose minimal educational requirement is a baccalaureate degree, is skilled in critical-thinking and leadership concepts. These skills enable the nurse manager to carry out the duties of determining which person to select as charge nurse or the team leader. It is also the responsibility of the nurse manager to "provide adequate staff mix and orient the team members to the team nursing system by providing continuing education about leadership, management techniques, delegation, and team interactions (Yoder-Wise, 2015, p.238). Skill mix is an important aspect that the to consider when
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