In Retrospect By Selina Hossain

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The story entitled “In Retrospect” reflects central point about the women empowerment. It highlights the awareness of self development, self- identity and rights of women which are provided slight space in the society. The rule has been set that women have to serve inside the houses, not outside. They have to be dependent on men in every field of life. The independency is shut down by revealing the rules and regulations of male dominance society. Also, this story also portrays the patriarchal system in which gender inequalities are concealed. The Bangladeshi writer Selina Hossain develops a female character “Bithi” which reflects the characteristics of a pure nationalist and a patriot. The author merges together the dispossession of Bangladeshi people and threat of losing the identity. Her story is concerned with the fragile issues of Bangladesh during the partition. The character has portrayed the Bangladeshi culture and social values of the society. Her main aim is to set the Bengali language as an identity. The theory of feminism and women empowerment will be included in this research work. Moreover, language culture,
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She is a standout amongst the writers of Bangladesh. Her work includes the contemporary social and political crises as well as the conflicts and struggling masses. She has penned various short stories, books and articles. Her works produce the concept of Language movement and Liberation War. Many stories have been translated into different languages like English, Russian and Malay. She has gotten the Bangla Academy award as well. One of her famous story “In Retrospect” is translated into English language by Hafiza Nilofar Khan. Selina Hossain through her writing portrays the era that women can write in every field and she sheds light on the argument that there should be gender equality in the society. Likewise through her writing she has opened the doors to the world of selfworth of

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