In Rural Settings, Van Tassel-Braska And Hubbard Found

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In rural settings, Van Tassel-Braska and Hubbard found that those learners have an “importance of a sense of place and the value of tradition”. In rural schools, there are fewer students at grade levels than suburban or urban schools do so making rules for the classroom would be easier for the teacher to come up with and the difference in ethnicity and race is quite different. The problem with this is that when dealing with classroom management, it will be harder to find what is fair treatment for students who break the rules. When dealing with these students, there will still be students who do not operate by those rules and others who do. So if a student from both of these areas breaks the same rule, but one has broken the class rules…show more content…
This will lead to a better-managed class and hopefully down the road a student who will not act out in the classroom. Studies focused certain races show that 40% of Caucasian students think that a teacher taking a personal interest in the students shows them they are a caring teacher, while only 17% of Latin American students thought this was a factor (2009, p, 516). In this study alone, it teaches that just getting the students to trust you and know that you care about them can be something the teacher would change from race to race. In a present study completed by the authors, it showed that there are categories in which students thought that it showed the teacher cared those included academic support, teacher’s personality, equity, and taking a personal interest in students (2009, p. 516). When first getting to know their students’ teachers should have an idea on how to properly manage each one as a person and what a punishment should be when a problem occurs. Even when first dealing with students at the beginning of a school year, students may think treatment is swaying toward another student. It is up to the teacher to make clear to the class that every student is an individual and how they act as a person is how punishments and rewards be handed down from person to person. With each teacher, the philosophy and teaching

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